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RAM DIZZLE DI GENERAL {Gospel Artist Background}


Ram Dizzle Is A Gospel Artist From Kitale who started music in 2000 recording his first single in the year 2001, Dizzle left his home town and set out to make his fateful mark on Nairobi city music scene which is believed to be a testing ground to many artiste regionally and internationally. Through his time in the musical circle, he has achieved alot of accolade and respect by doing collaborations with artistes Mr. Hope, Kamlesh, Gospel Juniour, Sliman vinnie, Blasta, and many more, he has also worked with different producers. Internationally through the help of Adrian Bloxx (UK) he has done two collaborations with Caution Ryan Buzzin, a Jamaican Dance hall artiste based in London, He is working on projects with Dale Dizzlle, Dizzle was immersed in the thunderous chants and rhythm revivalism with Evangelical Lutheran
Church founded by the Legendary Martin Luther King where he honed his signature vocals in his formative years that has made him raise the
quality of performance and has energy that is described by his folks as magical with alot of zeal, agility and passion. Over the years, he has remained faithful to words of spiritual consciousness and social issues like
drug abuse, political oppression and poverty. He has worked hard to attain a a large fan baze regionally and internationally.



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